Cumbia has never seen an explosion like the one Cinco Doce presents. Preparing to take their music to a whole new level, Cinco Doce is setting the bar with their unique hip hop cumbia beats and catchy lyrics.With new music on the horizon, Cinco Doce promises to have you moving to their electrifying rythms that have every crowd and dance floor from California to Florida packed. Cinco Doce is slated to take a National Stage and will be filled with shows that will not disappoint any music lover!

Still steaming from their MTV Tr3s “EL Headliner” success, Cinco Doce has capitalized on every opportunity possible these past few years. They have partnered with a Grammy Award winning engineer, Paul Soroski to bring out the quality in their music, and guarantee you will not be disappointed with what you hear! Cinco Doce blends Hip Hop Beats, Rap Vocals and R&B Harmonies on a Cumbia rhythm, which truly sets Cinco Doce apart from anyone in their genre coining them as the originators of Urban Cumbia!

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